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Welcome to art smART Parenting!


Hey I’m Yong and I want to welcome you to ART SmartParenting, a resource for parents, just like you, looking to raise smARTer kids.


Raising smART kids today is MORE than just encouraging your kids to do well in their studies.  With dwindling resources in our public schools, the focus of schools has shifted from fostering well-rounded kids to creating a culture where kids are rewarded for doing well on tests.


With so much focus on testing and memorization, there’s little room to allow kids to be kids.  Kids respond positively when afforded opportunities to explore multiple ways of learning and self-expression.  These opportunities, however, are often relegated to the rare “extras” which are less than a daily or weekly occurrence.   Those monthly art and music classes or physical education classes are hardly enough to satiate kids’ desire to find an outlet to be and express themselves.


These “extras” play an important role in developing a child’s sense of confidence, creativity, and even achievement.  For kids that do not learn verbally or mathematically (as is the focus of the majority of teaching) these classes are of even greater importance to achieve a sense of place and belonging in the world.


Arts become the language of many kids and as parents it’s our duty to provide such activities for our kids outside of the school.


Why was this site built and for whom was it created?


As a parent of two daughters that have grown up in the arts and former professional dancer, I have experienced and seen first hand the INCREDIBLE impact the arts has had on kids, their families, and the community. Here’s what else I’ve done in the past 16 years that gives me a unique experience into parenting and how to raise smarter kids through the arts:

  • Author of Raising A Superhero: How to Unleash Your Child’s 8 Unique Super Powers & Propel Learning Through the Arts,
  • Host of the Raising smART Kids 2.0 Podcast and
  • The Founder/Director of Academy of the Arts in Elko, Nevada (16 years).



This site is a labor of love for parents everywhere that seek ways in which to help their children learn better, achieve more, and who are successful in school and in life.



Ready to raise a smARTer kid through the arts?

Download the Raising smART Kids Manifesto